The Amud Yomi shiur is given daily by R' Sholom Segal.  The shiur is at 6.00am on weekdays, 7.00am on Sunday and varies on Shabbos - please check the Latest Newsletter for exact times.

If you attend the shiur and want to review it, if you a miss a shiur and want to catch up, or if you are unable to attend the shiur but want to follow along, you can listen to the shiurim here, or download them to listen at your convenience.

Mesechta Daf Date Shiur (click to play) Download Open
Brachos 3b 19 Oct 12 Shiur
Brachos 3a 18 Oct 12 Shiur
Brachos 2a-2b 17 Oct 12 Shiur
Brachos 2a-2b 16 Oct 12 Shiur Handout
Brachos 2b 15 Oct 12 Shiur
Brachos 2a 14 Oct 12 Shiur