1.  Mincha on Shabbos is at 5.30pm (only) to include saying  Avodim Hayinu. This will be followed by the Rav’s Shabbos Hagodol Drosha. Please ignore the time in the timetable.
  2. On Shabbos Shacharis will be at 7.15am and 9.05am. This is not an error as Shacharis in the Main Service is starting early to enable it to end before the time of Sof Zeman Tefilla.
  3. Summer Time starts on Motzoi Shabbos. Put all time pieces that do not change automatically forward one hour. Mincha & Maariv next week is at 7.20pm.
  4. Next Friday Erev Pesach (Bank Holiday) Shacharis will be at 7.00am to enable breakfast to be cleared away in good time. One can eat chometz up to 10.18am and chometz must be burnt by 11.41am (We are aware that other Shuls give different times). Shacharis will be followed by a Siyum for the Firstborns (who should not eat or drink after 4.47am) and for anyone else who wants to listen.