The Friday Night Shiur, in memory of Cyril Posner and Marcus Fielding takes place at 8.15pm. Shiurim last about 40 minutes and refreshments are served. Ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys are welcome to attend.

The Friday Night Shiur schedule is as follows:

Date Sedra Maggid Host Venue
11/11 Vayeiroh R' Eli Pick Family Taylor 42 TD
18/11 Chayei Sarah Gershon Hepner Family Hepner 19 HHC
25/11 Toldos Benjy Freedman Family Israel 22 TD
02/12 Vayitzei Keith Goldstein Family H Ehreich 31 HHC
9/12 Vayishlach Rav Martin Taubman Family Greenwood 76 TD
16/12 Vayeishev Michael Kesztenbaum Family Balkin 29 HHD
23/12 Mikeitz Avi Friedwald Family Friedwald 9 TD
30/12 Vayigash Yisroel Greenberg Family Greenberg 9 HHC
6/01 Vayechi Michael Bass Family Bass 41 TD
13/01 Shemos Moshe Dovid Spitzer Family Berman 41 HHD
20/01 Va'eirah Sholom Segal Family Segal 47 TD
27/01 Bo Daniel Ehreich Family D Ehreich 39 HHC
3/02 Beshalach Rabbi Junick Family Y Weisz 24 TD
10/02 Yisro Yeshaya Nosson Hepner Family Hepner 19 HHC