The Monthly Bagel Breakfast shiur is given by R' Eli Pick and has been running since 2000. Past shiurim are available in the Online Shiurim section to listen online or download. If you would like to sponsor a breakfast please speak to Mr Michael Israel. The schedule for the coming months is as follows:

Date Jewish Month Subject
24th June 2012 Tammuz 5772 Events in England (Part 2)
22nd July 2012 Av 5772 Events in England (Part 3)
2nd September 2012 * Ellul 5772 The Second Kuzari
23rd September 2012 Tishri 5773 Sukkah in the Rain
21st October 2012 Cheshvan 5773 Milk
18th November 2012 Kislev 5773 Chocolate

     * (postponed by 1 week)