If Tisha B'Av remains a fast this year, our programme of events will be:

4pm: “Vehigadeta Levincha”: A powerful documentary on Faith and Commitment of Holocaust survivors. The video by Aish UK tells Survivors’ stories.(Men and women, parental guidance may be required for children, in the Beis Hamidrash Toras Haim)

OR  Tisha B’Av audio-visual Chafetz Chayim Heritage Foundation presentation 5775 with Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Dayan Yonason Abraham, and Rabbi Ephraim Eliyahu Shapiro. (Men and women, downstairs Shiur Room)

5pm:Insights into Eichah - Gershon Hepner will give an explanatory Shiur based on the Commentators(Men and women, in Shul)

5.45pm: “HIDING AND SEEKING: FAITH AND TOLERANCE AFTER THE HOLOCAUST”: Inspirational Documentary Film. (Men and women, in the Beis Hamidrash Toras Haim) A story never before fully assembled – a story of individual humanity in the face of collective brutality – gets fully aired at last in Hiding and Seeking. It isn’t a simple story, for humans and their motives never are. On the other hand, actions taken at mortal risk often tell simple truths. “A person saved is a world saved.”

7.20pm:Tisha B'Av Shiur,with Rabbi Cohn:Can It Be Tisha B’Av not on Tisha B’Av?(in Shul, women downstairs on the left, men downstairs on the right)

8.15pm: Minchah (Tallis & Tefillin 8.10pm)

9.20-9.35pm:Closing Thoughts on Tisha B’Av, with R’ Sholom Segal, immediately after Maariv (in Shul).

Fast ends 9.51pm