The Monthly Bagel Breakfast shiur is given by R' Eli Pick and has been running since 2000. Past shiurim are available in the Online Shiurim section to listen online or download. If you would like to sponsor a breakfast please speak to Mr Michael Israel. The schedule for the coming months is as follows:

Date Jewish Month Subject
13th January 2013 Shvat 5773 The Teachers of R' Meir
17th February 2013 Adar 5773 Megillas Esther - From Baghdad
17th March 2013 Nisan 5773 Ha'aromoh
14 April 2013 Iyar 5773 Internet Piracy
12 May 2013 Sivan 5773 Standing for Aseres Hadibros
16 June 2013 Tamuz 5773 National Security