Ovos Ubonim has completed another successful season. Over 1000 hours of Torah learning graced our Shul over a sixteen week period. The highlight for the children (and adults) was the Pizza and Chips Melava Malka. We were honoured that Rabbi Reuven Atlas gave a Dvar Torah addressed to the children. Special thanks go to Mark Garfield who masterminded the season, Henry Ehreich who sat in on all the sessions taking note of the attendances and dealing with the Raffle and, above all, the 58 youngsters who attended at least one session. Thanks also to Michael Bass and Benji Garfield for their help. 

Congratulations to our best regulars for the 16 sessions: 16 – Benji Garfield, Motti Greenwood, Moishe Landau, Avi Landau 15  – Yehusha Mordechai Cohn, Moishe Cohn, Eliana Kienwald 14 – Tvi Eliezer Cohn, Talia Garfield, Naftali Gershlick, Channa Leah Greenwood, Yeshaya Nosson Hepner, Pinni Rose, Dovid Rose. Don’t forget the special Ovos Ubonim Kiddush this Shabbos and the climax of the season, the Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzaddik, on Purim at 3.00pm.