The Friday Night Shiur, in memory of Cyril Posner and Marcus Fielding takes place at 8.15pm. Shiurim last about 40 minutes and refreshments are served. Ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys are welcome to attend.

The Friday Night Shiur schedule is as follows:

Date Sedra Maggid Host Venue
02/11 Vayeiroh Keith Goldstein Family Balkin 29 HHD
09/11 Chayei Sarah Reb Eli Pick Family N Taylor 42 TD
16/11 Toldos Mark Neuberger Family Neuberger 25 HHD
23/11 Vayitzei Rabbi Taubman Family Greenwood 76 TD
30/11 Vayishlach Daniel Ehreich Family D Ehreich 39 HHC
07/12 Vayeishev Shmaya Ormonde Family Y Weisz 24 TD
14/12 Mikeitz Gershon Hepner Family Hepner 19 HHC
21/12 Vayigash Sholom Segal Family D Segal 47 TD
28/12 Vayechi Michael Kesztenbaum Family Della 39 HHA
04/01 Shemos David Foskett Family Maurer 13 TD
11/01 Va'eirah Michael Lebrett Family Lebrett 25 HHC
18/01 Bo Michael Bass Family Bass 41 TD
25/02 Beshalach Yeshaya Nosson Hepner Family Hepner 19 HHC
01/02 Yisro Avi Friedwald Family Friedwald 9 TD
08/02 Mishpatim Yisroel Greenberg Family Greenberg 9 HHC
15/02 Terumah Henry Keller Family Keller 31 TD