We are delighted to introduce our two speakers who are both family of members of the Shul and who grew up in the Shul.
Shacharis is at 8.30am, Shiurim at approx. 10.40am, followed by a hot Kiddush at approx. 11.25am


Joseph Faith: Krias Hatotorah – individual or communal obligation?
R' Sholom Segal: Human Being: Animal or Angel


Joseph Faith learnt at various Yeshivas in America and Israel including Ner Yisroel, Baltimore, and Yeshivas Chevron, in Yerushalayim. He then went on to LSE where he was awarded a BSc in International Relations He is now a fixed income analyst at Citigroup.

R’ Sholom Segal went from Menorah Grammar to learn in Gateshead and then at Reb Zvi Kushelevsky's Yeshivah in Yerushalayim. Reb Shalom now learns, teaches and gives
Shiurim. He has been giving the Ladies Shiur at North Hendon for the past 4 years. A number of his Shiurim appear on the Shul website.