The North Hendon Adath Tzedokoh Fund

The Shul's own Tzedokoh Fund has been operating since 1981 and has, over the years, been able to make distributions of well over £350,000. This is a reflection of the generosity of members who appreciate the need to those less fortunate within our own Kehilla, and also in the wider community.

The fund derives its income from:

1.  Daily collections in Shul at Shacharis and Mincha

2.  Collections on Ta'anis Esther for Machatzis Hashekel, Matonos Lo'evyonim and Kimcha Depischa.

3.  The special “push” for donations through our Newsletter and announcements in Shul before Pesach.

4.  Collections on Erev Yom Kippur in the "plate”.

5.  The annual collection from members on the First Day of Selichos and at Selichos prior to Rosh Hashonoh.

6.  Part of the proceeds of the Yom Kippur Appeal.

7.  Individual donations from members to mark special occasions or though legacies.


The fund distributes its income primarily within our Shul, but grants are also made to needy individuals in the wider community and to other charities mainly within North West London.

The Gabboim of the Fund, David Segal and David Freedman, have asked that publicity be given, once again, to the Fund and in particular to assist them by advising them when they feel that a member is in need of assistance. It is very often the ladies who first get to know of a problem (there is sometimes some benefit derived from the natural tendency of ladies to "have their ears to the ground") and they can be of great help to the Fund by identifying a particular need by passing information to the gabboim. Of course, any information received is kept strictly confidential. It cannot be stressed enough that the Fund relies on information from members (it is not Lashon Horah to pass on information!).

Demands on the funds of the Tzedokoh Fund have increased in the last two years due to the recession, and the Gabboim would welcome one-off donations at any time. The Fund thanks all members for their donations, and in particular those who make specific grants - some quite substantial - to the Fund.

Special Tzedokoh Collections in Shul


It was a very sad day for the Jewish community in North West London when the communal asken Benzi Dunner lost his life in a car accident. In his quiet, unobtrusive, manner he was not only supporting many individuals, but also quite a number of our schools. Although his family have maintained his connection with the organisations which he supported, this cannot be on anything like the previous levels. Therefore, a new charity was set up by a number of askanim in the community to collect money for distribution to over twenty schools – both primary and secondary – in North West London. The Trustees also wanted to use this fund to promote unity within the community.

It was agreed by the Rabbonim and Trustees in the Kehilla, to make a special Tzedokoh collection at all Shuls and Bottei Midrash in the area once a week. This collection is made in North Hendon with the blessing of our Rav and the Gabboim, usually on a Monday at Shacharis

The “Thursday” Collection - TOMCHEI SIMCHAS SHABBOS:

The Woodstock Sinclair Trust (WST) has operated in North West London for over twenty years with the specific aim of assisting local low income families who were struggling to make ends meet. It has grown steadily over the years to satisfy increasing needs. Last year over £1.4million was distributed by WST, all of which was voluntarily donated.

One of the branches of WST is "Tomchei Simchas Shabbos" (usually shortened to “Tomchei Shabbos”) which specifically targets the needs of local families, some even from our Shul, to allow them to "make Shabbos" in the fashion which they are accustomed to and, indeed, over £18,000 is distributed every week. Especially in the current recession the demands on the fund are ever increasing. Collections are made in local Shuls and Bottei Midrashim on a weekly basis. Everyone attending Shacharis in North Hendon is familiar with the collection made at Shacharis every Thursday. Members have proven to be most generous, however, we are always looking for increased contributions to the collection.

Appeals and Other Collections

Individual collections are made in Shul on the following occasions:

1.  Shavuos Maintenance Appeal. This Appeal was initiated a few years ago and is made by one of the Gabboim on the Second Day of Shavuos. The proceeds of the Appeal are used for one-off maintenance projects in the Shul e.g. the renovation of the cloak room into a Shiur Room, the renovations of the Gentlemen Facilities. The replacement of the winding gear for the main chandelier and the installation of a security grill in front of the Oron Hakosesh are two of the pending applications of the Appeal funds.

2.  Yom Kippur Appeal. This Appeal is made by the Rav at Kol Nidrei. Recipients of funds from the Appeal are a. a major charity in Eretz Yisrael, b. a major London based charity, c. an educational charity in the UK (usually Gateshead Yeshivah), d. the North Hendon Tzedokoh Fund, e. various local charities who receive small grants.

3.  Jewish Rescue & Relief Committee. This Appeal is made before Mussaf on a Shabbos before Purim every year by Mr Issy Reich who runs the charity together with Mr Alex Strom. The proceeds were previously used to send Matzos and Pesach parcels to families within the Iron Curtain. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, the proceeds go to the maintenance of educational establishments within the former Soviet Union. This is the only appeal made in Shul for an independant charity other than for the Yom Kippur Appeal.