The following is taken from the old website.  We are in the process of updating it.

Shul buildingThe North Hendon Adath Yisroel Synagogue is situated in a purpose built building within the grounds of the Hasmonean High School for Boys in Holders Hill Road Hendon, North West London. There are at present about 175 families included in the membership, a high proportion with children under bar/bat mitzvah. The Shul is a constituent of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations although the members originate from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. As well as Minyanim for all Teffilos throughout the week, the Shul has an extensive range of Shiurim ranging from a daily Daf Yomi Shiur to a monthly Sunday Bagel and Coffee Shiur. Gemillus Chasodim and Hachnosas Orchim is high on the  riorities of members, and a Charity Fund raises substantial funds for individuals and families within the community.

1947: a period of rebuilding following the decimation to Jewry after the Second World War. The Hasmonean High School for Boys had established itself in Holders Hill Road, Hendon and the late, charismatic Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfeld  felt that Torah and Tefilloh in a Shul should compliment the Torah studies in the school. Together with the first Rav of the Shul, Rabbi Dr Alexander Carlebach, Rabbi Schonfeld gathered together a number of local residents, many of whom were members of other local Shuls, to form a congregation built on the ideals of the Adath Yisroel Synagogue in Highbury, North London. It should be noted that the customs of the Shul followed the varied backgrounds of the founder members.  Initially, Services were held in the School Hall or the School Beis Hamedrash, but as the community grew, the need for a purpose built Synagogue building became a priority. 

1957: Rabbi Dovid Cooper was appointed to succeed Rabbi Binyomin Pels who had been with the Shul for about three years, to a part time position. Other than services and a couple of Shiurim, there was little to suggest the expansion in activities that would occur in the ensuing years. 1965: following a number of years of disappointments and difficulties, a new Shul building was dedicated just prior to Rosh Hashonoh. With unbelievable foresight the building included 300 seats for gentlemen and 150 for ladies – quite a vision for a community of about 80 members but certainly an advantage to the expanding community of the 21st century.

1968: The Rev Reuven Turner was inducted as Chazan, serving until late 1970. He was replaced in 1973 by Rev. David Shine.

1972/1988: Two new Sifrei Torah were commissioned by members.

1983: A successful and well attended Shabbos morning Hashkmoh service was started and still enjoys a weekly commitment by around 40 members. 1997: the Shul celebrated its Jubilee together with a celebration of 40 years since the appointment of Rabbi Dovid Cooper as Rav of the Shul with a gala dinner attended by some 250 members and friends.

2002: Following the retirement of Rabbi Cooper, Rabbi Dovid Cohn took up his appointment as the new Rav of the Shul with Rabbi Cooper retaining the position of Emertius Rav. The Rav’s Induction took place in June 2002.Dayan Ephraim Padwa of the U.O.H.C. and Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreau of the London Beth Din, as well as Rabbi Cohn, spoke and Rabbi Pinchos Roberts of the Hendon Adath led the recital of Tehillim. 2004: In his relatively short time with the Shul, Rabbi Cohn has initiated a new Chavrusa Programme every Wednesday evening, Shiurim on Bank Holidays and Wednesday evenings, a daily Mishna Shiur after Shacharis and a series of Shiurim for ladies. At the suggestion of Rebbetzen Cohn the Shul joined the highly successful Ovos U’bonim programme where fathers and sons learn in Shul every Motzoi Shabbos for one hour. The Shul also has an Annual Yom Yerushalayim Seudoh Shlishis with guest speakers in the past that have included Rabi Tatz, Dayan Abrahams, Dayan Berkovitz and other senior Rabbonim of the community. There is also periodic new members’ evenings and a newly established Mother and Toddlers’ Group. The Shul continues to promote facilities for members and  for the wider community. In keeping with the spirit of the Shul in reaching out to the wider community, a successful series of Friday night services took place in the adjoining School hall under the auspices of Aish with the support of North Hendon Adath. In addition the Rav, together with a GP member of the Shul, made themselves available to answer medical questions arising from fasting on Yom Kippur. Having provided members with a bi-annual newsletter/magazine for many years the Shul recently expanded this theme to include a weekly newsletter that is emailed out globally to over 130 members and supporters. This newsletter along with other information is provided together within the framework of the Shul’'s website. As part of an ongoing upgrading of care in the community, we are improving communication for members. This includes keeping the Shul updated on family simchas; the sick and the elderly who may need help, or would like visitors; people who would appreciate hospitality; bereavements and stonesettings. We also have volunteers who are willing to assist in welfare programmes such as providing daily meals for the families with new born babies and also Shabbos meals for elderly members of the wider community.

The Shul can look back at its history from a very small start to one of the vibrant communities of North West London, with much confidence.