The learning programme for the first night of Shavuos is as follows.  Click "Read more..." for more details and shiurim during the rest of Yom Tov.

11.45 Doors Open
12.00 - 12.40 Steven Greenman - Gilgulim - Some Insights and Some Examples
12.45 - 01.25 Moishe Dovid Spitzer - The Born Again Jew – Techiyas Hameisim in Halochoh
01.30 - 02.10 Michael Lebrett - Third Time Lucky
02.15 - 03.15 Rabbi Cohn - Do We Really Dissuade Converts?
03.20 Shacharis

There will be refreshment breaks between the Shiurim (sponsored by David Freedman to mark the Yahrzeit for his late father on Shabbos Erev Shavuos).  The first three Shiurim will take place in the Beis Hamedrash.

Besides the Shiurim at the Tikkun Leil Shavuos, the following will be giving Shiurim over Yom Tov between Mincha and Maariv.


1st Day Daniel Greenberg - Enough is as good as a feast. The Who, When and How of Limmud Torah
2nd Day Gershon Hepner - Three Millimetres a Month

Wishing everyone a good Shabbos, a good Yom Tov and good learning.